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Maybe it's just an idea… a tropical getaway? A resort? Maybe you're just thinking of a great place to have fun and connect with family and friends. A number of our clients refer to that favorite vacation resort pool as they Dream. Whatever the dream, Dream Pools can make it happen. And if you need a little help dreaming, we can do that too.

If your DREAM POOL involves a:

• “classic” or "formal" pool that provides a neat & classy look. This look is usually accomplished with a combination of the following: Clean, straight lines and/or geometric shapes, Brick coping or a Natural stone coping around the perimeter, Stamped concrete, brick pavers or a Natural stone tiled decking. While using all of these features, you get a very formal look. Combine these features with some features of a natural / free-form pool, and you'll create a style that is unique to you.

• "natural" or "free-form" pool provides a relaxed and natural look. This look is usually accomplished with a combination of the following: Smooth, flowing lines and/or natural shapes, Irregular shaped stone coping or rocks around the perimeter or a stamped concrete that has the appearance of natural rock. Use all of these features, and you will get a very natural look. Combine these features with thoughtful natural landscaping, and you'll create a more inviting look.

We are passionate about bringing your vision of a backyard paradise to life. Not only do we build your swimming pool but we can also construct your complete backyard paradise package. Including landscaping, hardscapes and softscapes, ponds, water attractions, pavilions, pool houses, cabanas, and whatever your dream desires. We can also build from your existing swimming pool design or create a completely custom swimming pool backyard paradise for you.

When you decide on a DREAM POOL’S pool, you'll work with our Award-winning Designer’s to plan your dream backyard, and to show you how we can transform your current backyard into your personal paradise. Every dream is different, as is every property. Don’t worry, we account for both. We'll consider your entire property and the existing structures, the architectural style and even the interior design along with your family's lifestyle. We'll consider projects you might want to do in the future and make sure the master plan considers all of these elements. Our goal is to provide you with an outdoor oasis that improves the value of your home, complements the structure and looks as though it was built from the beginning, with the home. By using innovative industry leading design and construction techniques, we can create the backyard resort you've been dreaming of in just a few short months, including masonry, landscaping, new pool’s and spa’s or by renovating your existing pool.

So let’s Move ahead... Dream, Design, Build, and most importantly Enjoy!

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